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12:00 pm: PCOs/Members Gen. Mtg.
February 4, 2018
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We are #ResistForGOOD

Updated 05/26/2017

You may have seen that the group description for #ResistForGood Indivisible changed last week. Here’s how and why…


Effective Immediately:

This group was formed in December 2016 to resist and fight against the trump agenda, regime and GOP. We are aligned with and part of #TheResistanceParty and #Indivisible. 

This will not change. 

This group is for those of us who are committed to #ResistForGOOD for all Americans through CALLS TO ACTION that resist and fight the trump agenda, regime and GOP. 

None of this will change. 

We welcome all individuals who want to, can and WILL commit to resisting and fighting against the trump agenda, regime and GOP with us, regardless of what party someone identifies with, who they voted for or if they voted at all. We will continue to resist and fight in a variety of ways and by taking action in a variety of forms. 

This will not change. 

What IS changing is that this group, #ResistForGOOD in all its tangible forms, now makes the choice and commitment to stand with and support the building and success of #TheNewBLUE Democratic Party. Our Calls to Action will be expanded to support #TheNewBLUE’s, evolution, efforts and candidates that will help rid America of #TheRottingRed that only stands for the 1%. 

I hope that you will choose to continue on with us as an integral part of this Resistance and NewBLUE Ohana (family) who strives to insure that We The People can get what we want, need, deserve and are willing to help build in a political party, nation and government that is  For The People.

The time has come.

The time is now.

We continue to resist and fight the trumo agenda, regime and GOP, as we also embrace this New Era of NOW and bring to fruition #TheNewBLUE that is the party that We the People want, need and deserve.

The 2016 Elections ended like no other before in America’s history. The many destructive executive orders and bills slipping through fast and furiously since the innauguration are like nothing that has been done before. The truth is, beyond any fear or stress over this bulldozing, we’re all paying the price. Our country and citizens are experiencing nationwide damaging and devasting changes to our laws and freedoms that could very well jeopardize our country, families, lives and destroy our democracy or even bring down our great nation.

Although traditional forms of activism at local & state levels we definitely support, participate in, are necessary & should continue, we feel this is not enough to radically minimize or eliminate the negative impacts that are happening to our great nation. We believe the biggest challenges is the entire orange agenda being forced on us from the “Top-Down”, coming from all 3 branches of government – with an executive branch that is operating without regard for or review by the legislative or judicial branches of our government. The gop congress of the legislative branch is adding to the frenzy by pushing for and making changes that they have long had in their own agenda to do, all of which hurt us as a nation & as citizens. Such changes from both the executive and legislative branches can and are forced down to & through our State, County & Local Governments. The judicial branch is in a gutted sit and wait holding pattern, with an US Attorney General who may be, hopefully, forced to resign and Federal Attorney Generals at the State level asked to resign or fired. We also see #TheNewBLUE Democratic Party forming & needs out support in order to succeed. 

To address the many challenges and resist the orange and gop agendas, our focus and urgent priority is to create & take to action in new forms of radical, peaceful & non-violent resistance efforts. We believe that we can not solely rely on traditional forms of local activism to combat the challenge. We support local groups’ resistance efforts as we are asked and needed to do so, but we focus on furthering support of their local efforts by making resistance efforts directed in opposition of these agendas at the Top-Down. So, we’ve put our own spin on creating, planning & executing our grassroots resistance efforts with two strategic components:

1) MAINTAINING A NATIONAL FOCUS (versus local) With “Top-Down” approach, targeting all 3 branches of goverment, as well as elected officials of all 50 states, various federal agencies, the FBI, various intelligence community agencies, national media and  global media.

2) OPERATING WITH A DEFENSIVE & RADICAL approach for executing effective peaceful & non-violent Live and Virtual activism and protest in any possible forms that are purely focused on stopping the orange regime and gop from implementing agendas built on any or all the harmful “ism’s”, including facism (authoritarianism & nationalism), racism, xenophobism, capitalism, protectionism and isolationism, as well as greed, oppresion, collusion and corruption.

Our group’s creator is physically located in North Central Washington State out of Okanogan & Omak, but has structured the group to be INTENTIONALLY INCLUSIVE by supporting local resistance efforts when needed or asked to, and while striving to expand our reach of impact nationally and globally through our membership who has joined together as a Resistance Ohana (Family).

Our #ResistanceOhana includes “local members” who live in the 98840 & 98841 zip code areas of rural Okanogan County (where we are based), IN ADDITION TO our “kindred members” who are family or friends living beyond our local area, those who may be Homebound and living anywhere, those who are caring for Homebound and living anywhere, those who are living somewhere in Rural America and /or those who do not have a local group near them to participate in.

Being intentionally inclusive allows our Resistance Ohana to expand with others who are like-minded people as we UNITE & broaden our Live & Virtual Resistance Efforts in opposition to the orange regime and agenda. Regardless of location, ability, age, race, religion, gender, orientation or political affiliation, if you are in opposition to the orange regime, GOP and agenda, as well as willing to resist them and what they are doing , GOP, you are welcome to join us.

OUR MISSION: #ResistForGOOD is committed to taking a defensive posture & approach with radical & proactive resistance that is geared to minimize the negative effects from & eliminate the trump administration, agenda & GOP, from the top to the bottom & bottom to the top, simultaneously & including both LIVE (personal) & VIRTUAL (online) peaceful & non-violent resistance efforts. We also support #TheNewBLUE Democratic Party, as well as it’s evolution, efforts & candidates. 

OUR PRIORITY: We hold a priority focus on informing our #ResistanceOhana, our families, neighbors and the public on actions to take to disrupt & stop trump, his administration, the GOP & any legislation from implementing an agenda that harm Americans or our environment in any way, which have been unlawfully influenced by a foreign power and/or driven by the orange ideologies, greed, xenophobia & corruption, which include (but are not limited) to all their “isms.”

OUR RESISTANCE POWER: Our #ResistanceOhana is ENABLED and EMPOWERED to employ new forms of activism & resistance efforts on a national scale, directed at the 3 branches of federal government, elected officials of all 50 states, various federal agencies, the FBI, the intelligence community agencies, the national media and the global media.

OUR AFFILIATIONS: We support & are part of The Resistance PartyIndivisible & #TheNewBLUE Democratic Party as an intentionally inclusive #ResistanceAndNewBLUEOhana.

JOIN US: We look forward to welcoming you!

C. MamaKeiki Hula Stacy Weigle
#ResistForGOOD Creator/Founder, #TheNewBLUE Hashtag Creator, Vice Chair Technology of Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee 



#RadicalSisterGroup of:
#NorthOkanoganIndivisible 😉

Our Closed Facebook Group is at:

As a closed group, we can freely share & discuss info, news, op-eds, povs, investigative reports, ideas, plans for actions, resistance efforts, #ActionAlerts (#CTAs) & light hearted posts (for snits & giggles). We can also privately set dates, times & places to execute on actions and efforts if there’s a need for the element of surprise to increase impact & effect. Please feel free to join and also invite/add family, friends or neighbors who you personally know & are interested in what we are doing or are involved in to our group on Facebook.

Our Public Facebook Page is at:

Please “LIKE” our page and invite like-minded family, friends or neighbors to do the same.

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This is a living statement to be updated as or if needed, & based on our group’s needs, focus or consensus.